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Football days were Sundays. Today is the day that there is no rare football. Between League Champions and other competitions – which have no idea – it is difficult that lovers of this sport do not benefit from magnificent confrontations of 22 against one. I say it with one because that really sends is that is responsible for arbitrating or reconcile in the meeting. Before they wore a rigorously black outfit, as judges who were.

But I'm from the 0.1% who don't see or care about this business. I liked this sport. I stopped following him when I stopped practicing it and lived and exercised business.  And I stopped practicing it also by the age. Age also made me evolve and stop wasting time on something so banal and trivial.

Once I hear something of a party, I do it by listening to the emphasis of my friend Ivan, the frater. And somewhere that once have sent you live some other whatsapp saying do not forget to breathe.

But today's letters the two reflections motivate. The first one that I question is: what substance does this business of football when former Executive members opt for the Presidency of these sports corporations? How wonderful. And the second point is a story that has me to the memory, which enjoy with my firstborn back in late 90s.  It was thus.

It was the undersigned in a bar of Hispalis, with lad – just in the bar, where it enjoyed a beer "coca-cola", with lemon and a big plate of Iberian. At that moment broke into the local three guys muscled, outfits adjusted and smeared the success of believe eternally young. At one point, silenced the bar and waiters were swift to serve you. They left everything and everyone to go to the service of the three "adonis". Scribbles which were in what seemed to be their photos. Junior and I, were we to ours, i.e. enjoying the dish, the dish of ham and shrimp.

As we were the only ones that not rendered homage to the triumvirate, one of them approached my lad and snapped:
-Hey!, don't you know who I am?

John looked at him and replied:
-Would that not? I'm Fulano de Tal, Real Betis player and these friends who accompany me are Zutano and Mengano, Sevilla F.C. players
Juan – politely – he replied:
-And I what?

The face of the "keep" left to the reader's imagination. Next to the waiters of the premises, which were the microespcios spectators to the infant as well as their plausible response.

And this and the other have reminded him he saw crying to a quinceanera by "theft" to the Atleti in his last confrontation with the catalan team, while discussing the tram who will be the next President of the Tete.  I know it. And – legal curiosity – I have seen the images of these days tremendous impunity for these "gods" which, without fleas, or even dogs would not be.

Meanwhile, and to me what?