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While invents machine that censure thoughts – who invented it – this will remain free. And we continue to think that give us the real win. I say real for emphasizing to a higher category you think, when will thinks, how you think, where thought and who is intended; and not by monarchist. That if I am or not, now I do not it. By irrelevant.

He planned to write of probation, with or without bail, of the closure, in advance of elections or lists and ready electoral, the resignations of lawyers… But I have left these reflections parked by the last intervention in the freedom that has occurred here, in my house, very near.  And look where, still have the issue of unlimited interventionism.  And it is that without freedom, little remains.

So prudence, i.e. should be able to sacrifice himself in the present in order to get a profit in the future. That is what are the Lords of the Ni Fu-Ni Fa, prudent and gentlemen. The only. The only afilarmonica that I understand the lyrics. It will be therefore the attack suffered on their freedom of expression, which is free and must continue.

And it is that you are creating a network of pamplinadas which is up to now prohibited and limited to enjoy the laughter that causes the elegant mockery of the neighbor that is breathed in the Carnival.

Then we get the hands on the head with the barbaric acts in the name of a God or a prophet. While that is passed down your street holding the banner of freedom is censoring that freedom. Just where I take coffee. It is not reasonable for that to happen. Tremendous hypocritical and double standards. And everything using the coat of arms of homophobia and intolerance.

And the Duster is, come the pen where it comes. They are the same they demanded freedom which limit freedom. And we must strengthen these values do not limit them. This is Basic. Further, the City Council gets in the Middle as applauds censorship. If it is that where there is no cannot be removed. And so many demands makes us increasingly more preventive and this us is diminishing.

There are many times in which obsessed with the last step makes you castors for all stair. And that is what has happened to these "barretodo". So the afilarmonica just made gala of his locution ni fu ni fa; for them the "letter", is indifferent if annoying they removed it and they continue to make Carnival. At least I've heard. The clown continues.