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I have below written lyrics that have been on the verge of disappearing from this article today. The reason? The Elimination of the accused term. That, as my friend Blaisea "hooligan" is what you call as you want. That is, that the change of name does not change the behavior.

The truth and demonstrating sincerity, has never been to my liking, that Word. Neither that nor others who are still.

But that, legal language, trying those Sunday columns – already missing – in times of don José Rodríguez, r.i.p., which analyzed terms which, today, are history. Even if the absence is another form of surprise.

In any case, I'm going to enjoy this week as a spectator. I'm going to observe and analyze the impact of the change of the new modification of the nineteenth-century law of Criminal Procedure, in the environment of the courts and storytellers of electoral lists and count how many of them modify or rectify their electoral programmes.  While it is true that no Iran charged on the lists.  No longer. But what ready.

So, while I wait, I leave the letters I had to this week.

A few days ago, a friend sent to me by the "face book" – Facebook – an issue of the demises. I have not never supported in this class of citizens. Or to the range, the balls, or the babosos, none of those. Those fellows that do not say things to your face and ahead. Certain that it is recognized as social behavior, but while more far better.

In politics they tend to proliferate and there, you know, things are done in and by the back.

Many, many years ago, when I decided to exercise the policy A, a great friend – Hugo – face, told me: political Juanes has always occupied two hands, one with a knife and the other a Vaseline pot, one of the two used every day.

I left the policy some time ago and now am in the face B. But in politics, always.  And among other things allows me that my hands are free and the head more occupied.

In politics, when you ascend in the hierarchy, began to convince – although they deny it – that their power lasts forever, that they are immortal and common sense starts them to escape from the brains and stop being aware of his mortality. Cesar Octavio Augusto suffered that complex. And now we have to watch from the sidelines to the Caesars the Octavios and the Augustos. I love these days of mitinistas and magic makers.  I pass a divinely watching the fight to come to the Stroller seat, as it is and at the expense of what and who you are.

Trepismo – another day begins will speak them of the coding, whose definition I don't dare today to consolidate here. But the trepismo is a species of trampling the companion of the side up at the expense of what it does lack. Accumulate different sources of power; and to achieve this, all, anything goes.

It is very unusual that you Ascend by self-worth; It is normal that they take with other measures. Blood ties or politicians make the ascent in the control step is worth more than any resume.

And – kind readers-when power starts tend to arise the balls and demises who swarm around him, waiting for these indications to act. Just look them in the face when they are together with their leaders.

Without a doubt, convinced I am that time will bring us change, with open lists.