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We have the mania to analyze it all, evaluate it all. And that's good. So we took our whole life running in "this is bad, this is good. This is this not worth. This is on the left is on the right. This is Barcelona, this is Madrid.  This political party is good, other not is this". And so long that it took to give us realize that not everything is white or black. You have to give space to the imagination and we are entering a time where imagination overflows: is the pre-election period.

Said a man he knew much that imagination is the most scientific of all our faculties. This gentleman, for the curious, was Baudelaire. That is why we are imagining what would happen in a near future if that puedenllegaran to govern.

The great are very concerned with this change and have done and are doing the free campaign to the quequieren and can. But it is normal. All Empire falls. And it is that these large have earned it pulse. You look where you look, there is trash.

What really sets us apart – for now – machines is the ability to fantasize. And look at that he fantasizes. Although I am of those who advocate that the marrow of this reason in argumentation. More and using less. It will be because of the machines that do it all. But the machines have no wit and to argue you need much of that.

So I am waiting for arguments that fill content to future programmes of parties representing us in the institutions of the Kingdom from this may.

At present only have seen movements of 'search' parlor, of take off you I put I that afilo me elbow to nail you for it and I'm going to buy comfortable knee pads for when you pass; or a bit of reflex for the bending of back. But few solutions, few arguments.

Although now I mojo and I will say that I like much plausible proposal carried a party of citizens: that the political party meets the corruption of its members responsible for civil. To see who is targeted.

It is true that while the elephants fight, the grass doesn't grow. Just what is happening. More concerned these elephants not to lose the benefits of belonging to that which is now called "caste" to make and implement their programmes. And I refer you to the closest precedents. And I don't want to take any specific case as an example.

So I encourage everyone, absolutely everyone, to do politics; It is the only form of move forward and solve the problems. Because wait it discourages and this is precisely what has happened. The inhabitants of the Kingdom are to Crown wait and wait until they meet, to manage, to govern. And making policy as you can. Today gives equal with which, since where there is choice. But with who? It is more complicated.