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To me, that I like to be free, I like to exercise it – freedom – and practice it today and now here. In this case the freedom of expression. It is a marvel. Limit me nothing and for nothing. The opposite of what happens to those who pay stall. Beyond everyone. Would say don Antonio: "man is dressed by the foot" and I'm choosing costumes to wear: color and what gives me the win. Even if I'm wrong, but I I choose them.

This thing – the exercise freedom – annoying. And much. Mostly dress that suits that others leave you in closets. Problem of everyone. This bad left – the costumes- and gets what is said and without flinching; otherwise no sales or in the "selfie" of Christmas. What was said.

Since I do it – write in this space – I over investigated and even I have been advised:

-Eye with what you write!

Believe me that I didn't understand it as a threat – and who less than snapped it – I. Up to nail knives should be style. And not to mention to threaten.

But I assume that since I write here, I have less friends – or more enemies if it is that you had them-. And it is that I move in hostile territory. And that happens when you think and leave it written. It happens to have criteria and also occurs for you, kind reader, I read. Because they know. This terrifies those who hide and hide.

I do not know to graze. I'm not a ruminant. Hunting is my thing. Although there are Gazelles that run much, I admit. But exercising freedom has this and also that. And I, I never write anyone, always do everything. With absolute respect. With this opinion as simple is built and generated debate and sometimes shake consciences. It is necessary.

It is good to write in and freely; of all. Though so inevitably drag you envy. But this is how to open last Christmas tackle box: you are the lights and start to pull back comes another and another and another. It is inevitable. I assume it. And I even like me. And things are so obvious that for obvious I don't see them. And I see no envy, no bad people. Less on these dates.

And it is what happens to me, I don't see hypocrisy or pirates at Christmas and new year congratulations; I want to see and I see my friends and to continue advancing and counting with the most precious value, the trust of all of you. The confidence of those who read me, of which we are engaged, that speak to me, of those who criticize me, of those who do not support me.

Serve this ODE, here to wish you all that I have read here a magnificent new year.