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A few days ago he moved me one of my dearest friends a story that made me reflect and remember that one article which I launched and was published in the times of don José and that now comes to my memory.  In this "criteria" I left written health of nursing, the public, of care, of their management. And, despite the time, I've not changed thinking. He spoke – in that article – that a dog is treats him better than users of this Social Security. That imagined a veterinarian appointment giving three years view so that the dog they practiced vital evidence.   And I think… where put the shout that dedicate themselves to that?

Therefore today the issue has to do again with public health – one of the best in the world in my view – and the deterioration that is suffering on a daily basis.

It is evident that this occurs while perpetrators look another way, worried by placing his buttocks on the chairs that have left others. But the case that today I want to tell is that of a worker who suffered a few ailments and to the place where it occurred to him to go is the doctor of Social security – not to San Google, as fashionable now-.

The ailment was back. The good doctor attending him drafted him down and asked practice tests, giving appointment for September, this year, at least. He still did not know that it was lucky that are appointment for March 2019. Although this user of health services wanted to see what was causing those severe headaches and it is possible that in September it was late. For biggest surprise, I didn't want to remain in a low, I wanted to continue working. Plausible, with both Mammon there today.

-Is what touches – the doctor said-; now, to expect low at home to arrive September.

That the doctor or the system care. A schedule is fulfilled and is managed there. With independence in the interinte you die, that is not a matter of anyone and if it is a matter of someone, you claim (although if you are dead you can not) and ready. You complain and it's over.  In addition, I know that this is the slogan of the steward: "claiming users, while more best claims".

The doctor who attended him and diagnosed with is those providing services in Social Security, a civil servant. Although assumed I have that professional will be fed up, disillusioned, with many hours of guard, tired so it is usual to become blind to the needs of others. But we must remind you that have the forward are people.

So this person chose to find the solution and attend private health. It was answered him wonderful, and in a few days was already back in his job, recovered from his illness. I do not know to this worker. Yes I know your employer. And also I know how this health of nursing, that I myself have been suffering from since January of this year. Today it is one of big business, health.