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As if a cow criticized black chocolate, white milk or cocoa struck me hard face and cultural cynicism that left patent another day one of many released Union of this Kingdom, while I read something in a bar and said for the third time the waitress how he wanted coffee:

-Only and short, please.

Another task that the new Executive invested much: in educating those who serve. And dispose of this absurd idea of limiting the entry of foreigners. No need, they no longer come by themselves. Start from the bottom. Educate. It is the key. Not only invest in training done in education and manners. Looking for the formula. Not everything goes. Okay already, should put a stop to the involution and do it now.

But what he told them. It's the waitress has crept. Today was that this trade union released caradura appeared accompanying my neighbor and sat with us. And just sit began to boast that he knew many politicians and their salaries. And that could not be. This type is those that the only donut hole. We then illustrated with some personal experiences of her exciting life of freed. It has no timetable, nor heads, that vacation, bridges and other them make the most, since everything is legal and he is freed of Association, by law. It takes!

And I, who I know this tale and the system, vividor got him to wipe, I couldn't help it. So I explained him, clarita, my opinion, starting with invite you to that you look at your navel and saying having a tremendous nerve, carrying Union released three decades. I reminded you that it came at the hands of a political Buddy as plugged in workforce, which has no more than the basic studies; and the non-Basic, which are its low moral degustation and trailing continuously.

And I remembered him passing through three unions in a period of just two months, with the objective of continuing the status of freed Trade Union; and he has been with the udder, udder that continues to give dairy. I remembered you in his life has been presented to an opposition, nor has integrated some democratic to be elected as trade union released lists and, even so, it continues to claim triennia and other benefits like workforce one of many departments of the autonomous region. And I also remembered him having popped from the either clapping to growing bellies hands.

Remembered you that – as its secretariat, which has it – is it arrives at 10 in the morning to the Union headquarters – when appears – and other days them engaged in tasks of Trade Union action – so called the permanent shirking – to perform tasks.

Did not answer me. A penalty. The cut or even ended. The only thing that changed was the color of her face, before rising. But the fact is that his intervention, start their exhibition demanding a change in the salary of politicians, did me speak with too much emphasis. I admit.

I remembered the important thing would be to initiate a change of Trade Union, that it is time to break the grateful bisindicalismo that oozes antidemocracy, with this trade union law of the last century, still in force today. Therefore, contrary to what is happening in the political arena, in the Union still maintaining privileges from another era and continue looking the other way.

A Trade Union democratic revolution is required. That as they are things should lead to it institutions. As current trade unionism a couple of decades that isn't in the working-class struggle and yes the banker. I asked the Union released to do I see some achievement in its fifteen years of work for the benefit of the workers. He was not able. Just remember me training courses organised.

My guest, with a perverse face, smiled and when this Playboy was, he told me:

-Happy with the speech, John.

And I left thinking me if I moved.