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In these days in which almost all speak the language that Napoleon used, the events which took place recently in the city of love have brought me to the memory that day at Atocha.

For reasons of fate, just 24 hours before had been in that season and in that Bank of orange color. After the massacre, that March, we went out to the streets, this time to vote peacefully in a demonstration, but I remember, at least what I tried, that world leaders us agasajaran as they have done after what happened in Gaul.

It is plausible to do so and thus I admit. The first European demonstration. Show union and strength. But today, right now, we are weaker and that same State of freedoms and democratic is which limit us more and more, in the name of safety and protection.

So, flying our security, there are more controls, more intervention, more State of alarm. We are more vulnerable. Very vulnerable.  And less free. And you know it. But, how to get more security without affecting freedoms? Proposals, execute, make us turn back on fundamental rights that has cost us years get. So we must be expectant and more for us – Islanders-that we depend on the plane as very few in the union.

So these days not only have fallen into my hands the proposal of how reports limit freedom deambulatoria Europe, i.e. the Faculty of stay or move from one place to another, the right of every person to go to a particular physical space, but also other reports of our realm where this time we propose other limitations to freedom.

Funny or not, the truth is these limitations proposed to coincide with the events and that recently has been adopted the preliminary draft reform of the Criminal Procedure Act – tell us and have – which for the streamlining of criminal justice and thus give more procedural safeguards.

As the new proposal to regulate communications without prior judicial authorization intervention – taking tomato-. The proposal says that "in case of emergency" and to investigate crimes committed by criminal organizations, of terrorism, against minors or other particularly serious, the intervention of communications may be ordered by the Minister of the Interior or the Secretary of State for security. And I have not read wrong. That is, that this will not end. From my point of view feeding even more legal insecurity and limited effective judicial protection.

To thrive in this and other proposals that already I will write, would collide with the current constitutional regulation, amen of the International Covenant on Civil and political rights and the Universal Declaration of human rights. But if so wait, surely resources before the Constitutional Court, before these new interventions and limitations. And always for free.