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There are habits that are acquired from childhood and then put into practice in everyday living. And what tends to happen is that this habit put you into practice anywhere.

When it comes to educating my kids surprised the capacity of one of them to the task while he looked at the TV, taking lunch, played with the "Nintendo" and chatted with his aunt. Meanwhile he filled letters notebook and spent leaves of the book. The task ended it perfect.

One day try to change their habit and not operated, more than three hours it took to leave the study room staring at me as the universe's baddest man.

Yet I have never met a child who resists the temptation to think of something else while doing the task. Even see how a fly is dressed. Thus they expand the Repertoire of possibilities to develop in your adult life. Skills and habits for the rest of their lives.

By referring to something, by way of example, it is what happens when the taxi driver who tells you his life, while he attends to the traffic, is concentrated on the street where you apeas and meanwhile responds to the station and head out the window to greet fellow. But in the end you get to your place.

It is what happens to the cashier of the "merca Doña", what's happening while the purchase by tape is pending if his partner is returning, if another employee of side takes many hours standing, or if Nereyda car has insurance. And you are explaining to her friend's box 5 How have sculpted you nails in the Salon of her friend Guasy.

It is what happens to colleagues when they miss a NAP while you are completing the final report, or are set to send a whatsapp for filipina don't forget the washer at 12. And what happens in the Congress Kingdom, while they talk about things of them you play with the tablet gives what you want.

And this is a habit of repeated and assumed that on other occasions I've already written and whose old articles I refer. It is assumed that the habit becomes law and this is the law which is to prevail in the realm forums, local and island. The power of tablets and smart phones.

How many times members of legislative and executive power are more considerate of the emoticon that what is informing his partner? There was a Minister who was devoted to drawing cartoons while attending the sessions of the Congress. And not passing anything. Who, in his student days, is not put to draw doodles on paper as I listened to the Professor learned talk?

These little things homespun are anecdotes, but little or nothing are used to regain the confidence of the inhabitants of the Kingdom; and less after hearing the TU and more during the debate between the handsome and the bland.

It is more pending of trivialities that what really matters, and that's where I think that it must be the focus, both informative and educational. The rest doesn't matter.  What you miss is the true spirit of report; but this is a real effort.