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There are many – I would say that infinite – forms became interested in politics and not participating in the same way. Never managed to understand how after de held elections all participants earned.  But after these last, for the first time I've seen take the defeat. Worthy. Very worthy.

I started this article day of reflection. And that day wished luck to all candidates who are my friends. And wish that they will win all. And I put in place. Especially in the place of those who have no other means of life rather than being a politician. And they were shivering.

In the past I lived days as the of the night before.  All I responded kindly. All, except one. Beyond it. And that's you. And as I already left said in some other article: even an atom do shade. And all atoms are important although some do more shade than others. The vagaries of the Electoral law giving 3 with 4,000. Votes and elected I speak. … The reader puts the island.

All those involved to be elected – that which is called passive suffrage – know that their projects – political programs – will come forward in collaboration with others. This is called covenants, and everyone will want to and want to be heads of the herd. In politics you must be prepared to compromise and to give for good things you particularly do not do it in your particular area. The policy is not to be a judge. Justice is not taught in politics.

In these elections has voted for exclusion and much beardless, that they have not you left or enabled participation in big matches, shielded only for which they decide. This new generation of politicians have mounted on the train that passed. Regardless of the wagon. That gives equal. Highly qualified in their resumes, but with little knowledge of the medium; they already acquired it through his new advisers. At the same time.

Some time ago that I analyze changes and movements of convinced defenders of some acronyms, which are passed to another – what is known by change of jacket-. It would be surprising that began on the right and ended up in the left or vice versa. Even in the middle. So many people now convince white will see them trying to convince us of black, orange or purple, yellow or what suits him at the time; the important thing is the camel Lodge.

I felt by live some other Act of campaign; I've been to acts of all the colors that are presented. And I have great anecdotes to illustrate more than one weekly Chronicle.

I understand that now, after 24, which better negotiation skills have, will be the rule, because the programs without support will not come to anything. And in that our institutions and political organization will be now; in negotiation skills.