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There are many people around us that movements of pacts with various hassles feels betrayed. In these days of landslides of chairs, many colleagues and friends, have come loose me phrases like:

"With what I did, and so they pay him…".

"They have betrayed me after having given everything…"

"But if it was me who put it there…"

I, on the other hand, I disagree with them and tell them that they do not understand that which until last night was teammate of linens has left him on the other. And that happens; and nothing happens. That it should understand that the priorities and objectives change, like the color of your hair with the passage of the years. And new companies, new objectives or new reviews are those changes sometimes. And in this society, where values are devolving, it is normal that this happens. And you have to adapt and be able to accept the changes. But not all hit.

In any case, keep in mind that people are not static beings. With the passage of time and the circumstances that surround us, we change. By that I mean should be tolerant and know that if someone yesterday behaved with you in a way, now do so from another. While it is true that certain behaviors descuadran us and that happens to us because we can not anticipate the danger posed by this change in the conduct of that person, who gave you the arrows for your shoot your bow and so hunt. When it is not as we had hoped, that behavior surprises us. And some to this call it treason.

And I tell them that, nothing. And I think of that way by the experience that give me the years that I have read and have lived and this gives me a set of tools magnificent that I used to be able to leave written today this reflection. So, in my opinion, the betrayal is the idea of what you expect of these people, not their actions or their behavior. And if now it gives you the arrow, hunting with stones. Thus, by waiting, I suggest to my friends "betrayed" that they should wait for tangible things and not feel it.

So expect a train, a plane, a bus, or a grant. And you should do this leaving have expectations about the behavior of the people; that we are changing. Sometimes for worse. It is what it is. In any case, that the betrayal find you working.