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"The ceasefire, dismissal, resignation, resignation, divorce, the abdication. These are all terms related to the farewell, with the end. Nothing lasts for ever and everything has an expiration date. Up to the morning coffee is cooled to serve it hot, everything is a matter of time".

Thus began a criterion already six months ago and which, by whims of fate, not be published where appropriate.  The place where it was agreed to. Where agreed was. Where was the word enough to open or close strengths, without anything else. Those were other times. Times of nobles.  Time of honor.  Respect times. Times of loyalty.  As they are tattooed in the soul so toes get dressed up.  Times where the given word was signed word.

But today have been lost forms, the nobility, the word, look you in the eye and say what you think and whether I like or not.  If you want to or not. Today they are false, betrayal and cowardly times. Today sends the finger. The finger to the WhatsApp. The finger to the mail. And the finger to use it as my I real want, that we are in a realm that.

Thus the things, forms to put and end point of all the meanings that have it are very diverse and alternatives to finish and put and end point also. There is no doubt that the acts of the end are of utmost importance. Not only acts, also forms and its consequences – having them – and non-human, natural law.

When a King withdraws abdication is called. When a football team is removed is called elimination. When you delete a worker is called dismissal. When a political office is left is called renouncement or resignation. When you delete the marriage is called divorce. When you delete a trust manager called ceasefire. When you boot someone from the House of flame cast. When you delete a unborn child is called abortion.

About forms – especially the kicking, the of bounce – there is nothing written.  But even for that you have to have style. When trust is lost, it is usually to simulate as… lack of performance or… is missing the end-so you were hired… Eye!… Completion of the cause for which you were hired or touched by the finger of divine living where at the end you pay.

And if you don't have buddies, the immediate effect is the termination or dismissal. And nothing happens. So it must be.  And so it has been. And magnificent that rises and falls.  That today these and am not. But what is not understood is that just as the striker was getting more goals the coach feels it on the bench and the President will stop it. How can that be? What happened? These questions them had a day in the "King" to a friend, when I said:

"If a moth-eaten scaffolding build a palace to a Prince without being King, this will remain with the scaffolding and be sent to destroy the Palace and you"

Why anyone can remove anyone where you don't want to leave. All these euphemisms that today I have written are utilized to talk of the end and the beginning. The who and the how. Not to mention that castles were built with rubble where live noble and larger than palaces of Kings no throne.

The end bring other early, always. Why, why, and for what home today this column, criterion or as they want to call, thanking all who this semester have shown their support who not silent and does not pay to whom for review. The opinion and the will is free, and I am now more free. And the rule of law – this column-title, the time is thus an immutable law that always prevails. All you have to give time at the time; It is the law.