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Not long ago went to a private clinic in Santa Cruz, that which is in front of the Park; today is called Hospital. I never liked that site, its people, or the attention that I receive. What happens is that due to circumstances I have fallen there. Today these circumstances I don't, but I promise to do it another day.

During the two hours and half – clock – which lasted my waiting so I attend to my orthopedic surgeon met one of those "enterprising municipal policy", those that try and get in the way. Those who wanted to be Mayor President and remained in the attempt. First, the right another Mayor prevented him, then after the party and finally the judge. Although I believe that the High Court will give you over time the reason, but I do not know if there will be not even local councils. Friend patience.

At the beginning – I did not recognize this mayor who was also in the waiting – room, but when my Orthopedic Surgeon Assistant mentioned my name in the Hall, the apprentice of Mayor turned face and said:
-No, John are you?
And I replied:
-Clear dear, the same, with the same height and more hair.

The dissertation was fun while they spent more than two hours and a half of delay that I submitted the nurse. Two and a half hours. That you do not recover; and more that a patient I was a hostage, then for two hours and average could not move me from the room. If you called me. And only once asked him to the wrong addressed my Orthopedic Surgeon Assistant, and, by God!, did not occur to me to repeat a question.

The fact is that I spent it well. To me that me hijacking makes me. And of that misfortune – this theft to the neglect of the time-, as María Eugenia would say, I made virtue.  The misfortune was to choose the Hôpital, "private, say". Misfortune to pass through the hands of the surgeon who left me knee worse of as I had it and misfortune of having to endure the bad ways of a "bald" grumpy, I guess was the Assistant of the orthopedic surgeon or surgeon, or better – in my opinion-apprentice of implants of cruciate ligaments.

But now the good news. I went back to reconnect with a friend of the faculty. He wanted to be Mayor. A great worker. It fought for being Mayor of their neighbors. A clean type. A guy with ideas. A guy with principles. That played in a match where "threw him" for making and exercising what he taught her. But then not interested. And they punished him by advance. To grow. To highlight.  For doing things right. I applaud you.

That waiting also helped me to live in the flesh that social security private – this site – is not worth. It doesn't. It is not the height. Its professionals, or its infrastructure. This is an opinion of mine, only mine, that is why a majority share. But I am convinced there are a minority that adds to this current. Espabilen. Not all worth. That you serve people. Not to insured tabs. That a doctor should not broach a patient who, for what you pay the insurance, too made with assist you in ten minutes. That is to have no shame. I think.

But this waiting for two and a half hours helped me return to my articles, to know that my knee will never regain mobility. That the doctor – please, which do not operate more – does not work. To know that I do not get back to that Center.
It helped me to meet great people. To reconnect with my friend Mayor. Magnificent two and a half hours to hard my waiting.

A father with his son and a broken arm which had been three hours waiting for casting it. A man with his wife with Alzheimer's calming it patiently while I waited.

Meanwhile, payment doctors passed and walked through the room, wasapeaban, spoke by mobile, they laughed with their white robes open, showing their protest t-shirts. And, therefore, gave us to understand that private medicine is the new social security.