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In the months that have passed – nearly 12 this 2014 – there have been some developments that portend a possible change. We should remember that changes the revolutions brought them and it is possible that there was a small social revolution political or social and political in this 2014 that leaves us.

The first revolution – really socially – in recent history was that of the 17TH century in England; from that historical moment, the citizen and the power – in this case the King – would be equal to the power of the law.  This social ruckus, was followed by United States – China was not an expert in plagiarism.

Today, I still think that the largest of all the inequalities has always been inequality of the State against the citizen. Example: State can disseminate secrets, establish how, how, how and when this information can be put in knowledge of public opinion.

And this country, to correct, the only thing that creates are laws and more laws, but in mode one has managed to reduce inequality. But yes get your rulers who we feel inquisitive and weary administration intervention in all aspects of our daily lives. At all. And more and more laws will come.

Reforms are apparently being addressed to reduce the violations of individual freedoms and the considerable economic extravagance that generates provide certain levels of administration which, in appearance, should be translated into high levels of efficiency. And this in no way takes place.

Of all forms, to more administration cost and never translated into better or more services. But in more salaries for senior officials. Let us remember that in recent years we do more than listen Affairs of corrupt practices, where cases of corruption, is dramatize rather than applying measures real that allow the improvement of the system. And as it approaches may 2015, more players will have in the theatre of the corruption allegation.

With regard to this Kingdom, has been tradition that we are anxious about the difference of classes and political choice that we profess that for individual freedom and social justice. So we need change or substantial modification – I – would say. And this in any way happens, or I look at movements in this regard. Everyone here wants to be the smartest of the class. And ready we are to Crown.

Leaders who dare are needed with the reforms. And too often are still sending those who know a lot less than their fawning voters and in repeated cases, have not been elected by the majority. But that's the system.

The formula in that Castle to get it is named: pacts. To govern without a majority. Today has become common that govern the parties which get less, which is looming, and, this is what will happen in the future with the other party that has entered the political scene in Spain. So wait and see that which has obtained fewer votes is that is made with the Government of that touch.

Therefore the citizens will continue to be the nursery that feeds the current system, matted by so much administration, which is the real predator. That creates laws and more laws, which have no Empire to run. That creates more administration, more charges and "silly" formulas to calm us, as this transparent portal just create for 300,000 euros, where we can know what we already knew, that charge. This portal, sort of "big brother", which never show us what's under the blanket.