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Progress in this than it is talk free of charge and say what he pleases to who want you. Happens that I thought the other day in room it seems is becoming customary in some forums and behaviors, which I flee. It is not anything other than the lack of respect, this time in a view. And it was that lack of respect for which exposes – not your illustrious honor – but own fellow opponent.

That day he used phrases and adjectives that have nothing to do with the Defense toward its customers, sponsored or mandator, whatever you call it. It is not clarified. I think the living believe winning eagerness blinded him and before the battle lost him the verb. Until it reached the insult and disqualification. Manifesting in the output to my sponsored that he had many contacts with the "ladies and gentlemen ilustrisimas".

I've already requested in writing the vista CD. And my colleague Attorney brought the Virgin CD so they recorded it. That is, the compact disc where we gather everything that happens there inside. I have asked him to follow me thinking if home actions.

Already is OK. Not even one step. Neither this nor any opinante to do that – comment-, violating what I believe firmly that you forge with over the years. And this is the prestige and good repute. It is the only intangible heritage that I leave and to any machango I may need you that stick you on such treasure.

For this, I remembered a fabulous judgment of the Supreme Court and that I rescued from the Facebook of the firm. This comes to put common sense and correct two previous judgments of a court another of an audience, which trembled the issue, which is the most easy and the most frequent in daily practice – a penalty. But the High Court made cordura and the left said that the right of defence does not cover abusive expressions peer.

I'm used to this, believe me. The smear is common in professional practice. There are colleagues who use it to attract customers. I've seen it. I think otherwise. You have to give prestige to coworkers and thus to this profession.

I understand that this is very small, a island. And all we learned everything. And undertake personal smear campaigns, based in insult and the charlotadas, between cronies of wineries and stars can be costly to the opinante. That not well calibrates his sword. Or controls the language. Nor to the companions, telling him everything.

A Japanese friend who often tell me:

-John here you have no monument to the unknown soldier. Everybody here knows.

To finish, I don't want to to those who read me think that you brake the criticisms. None of that. Poor from those who do not speak of it – I say-, although it is well. But to talk. What happens here is a scathing combined of languages are saying without having any "damn idea" and that opinion slashing the insult and the worse attack on what we call today honor. This time, my own.